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"Steve Rockey's knowledge of the wild turkey and whitetail deer is outstanding. His ability to share his knowledge and his strong faith in Jesus Christ has been a delight to audiences everywhere."

Charles J. Alsheimer, Northern Field Editor
Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine.

"This letter is writing to thank you for your speaking at our 15th annual sportsmen's banquet this year. Your presentation was enhanced by your obvious preparation as well as the experience of many hours in the field. We ranked your program in the top three of 15 we have had. We especially appreciated the Gospel message and emphasis. You established your credibility as a hunter and authentic outdoorsman first which provided strength to the message. Your delivery was well planned and presented in a professional manner. I am sure we will have you back in the future."

Carl H. Bish, Senior Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church,
Batavia, NY

"Thank you for a superb presentation at our Father/Son Game Diner. It was obvious that you "connected" with the guys and kept their attention. From the perspective of a pastor, I especially appreciated the straight-forward presentation of the Gospel. It was not "watered-down" and left each man with a clear understanding of their biblical responsibility to be reconciled to God. The seminar which followed demonstrated your mastery of the subject matter and was presented with both humor and enthusiasm. Thank you for providing such an attractive program to help us reach the unchurched men and boys in our community."

Daniel J.Morrel, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church,
Fair Haven, NY

"Steve Rockey brings a combination of white-tail savvy and spiritual sensitivity to his program. The conscientious hunter will appreciate his approach to hunting and the Pastor will appreciate his openness with the Gospel."

Dick Cughan, Senior Pastor
Maple Avenue Baptist Church
Elmira, NY

"I have known Steve Rockey for nearly twenty years. He came to our church as an assistant pastor at that time, and did an excellent job. In the summer of 2000, I called Steve to see how he was doing and found out that he was doing programs in churches and sport shows to spread Christ's Word. I asked if he would return to our church and do the program for our Wild Game Dinner, which he accepted. The program he shared with us combined Christ's word with the outdoors and hunting. It was a very good program that did not compromise the Word of God and was very interesting to all in attendance."

Ron Fretts, Board Member
National Wild Turkey Federation
Scottdale, PA

"This year we had our 2nd Annual Sportsmen's Game Dinner. We were delighted to have Steve Rockey come and present his vast knowledge in hunting white tailed deer and wild turkey. He not only demonstrated a knowledge of the game he presented, but more importantly a knowledge of the Gospel coupled with a passion for the many lost souls represented. This ministry to hunters in the area has been effective, and Steve has been a vital part in promoting the sportsmen's game dinner as a quality event. We had a number comment on the excellent presentation, and indicate that they would come next year. The seed has been planted, and we look forward to increase."

Geral Hawk, Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church,
Oxford, MI

"Just a word on the game dinner from this past weekend. Praise the lord, we had 9 individuals check the boxes on their cards wanting follow-up. We are encouraged by this and pray that our efforts to contact these folks are preceded by God's working in their hearts! Thanks for your strategic part in getting the Word out there in a clear fashion! You did a great job!"

Brian Conover, Senior Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church,
Norwich, NY

"On March 29th, we held our 7th annual Sportsmen's Dinner. This year we had a record attendance of 515 men. The reason we hosted such an even is because 85% of these men were from our community and desperately Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We found that this outreach ministry is very effective and many have been saved as a result of this effort. This year, for the first time, we had Steve Rockey as our main speaker. Steve presented both a 45 minute workshop on the wild turkey and a 90 minute main program on the white-tail deer. Steve's enthusiasm for the sport was also contagious. Each hunter, regardless of their skill and experience, walked away from the evening with more knowledge and excitement for the sport. More importantly, Steve did a wonderful job in presenting the Gospel. He clearly explained the Good News of Jesus Christ and shared from God's Word how a man could receive eternal salvation. His message was easily understood and very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. As a result several men indicated that they received Jesus Chris as their Lord and Savior. I would recommend Steve for your upcoming Sportsmen's Dinner. He not only knows the sport of hunting, but he knows how to relate to the unsaved man and use hunting as a tool to reach those who need Christ as their Savior."

Jeff Stimpson, Outreach Pastor
Fist Baptist Church of Mirilla,
Marilla, NY

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